The Latest Packaged Bundles from Sky TV

Bringing the easiest way to record your favourite satellite television programmes is an easy to use device often known as a digibox and manufactured by pace micro or amstrad although there are many types on the market place and this site has the latest deals and information.

Bundle TypeDescription and detailsMore information
Sky BroadbandFree Sky Broadband and Telephone Calls
Get completely free broadband for your home together with free unlimited weekend and evening telephone calls and no cost at all.
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Sky Plus Packages25% Off Any New TV Package
New customers receive 25% off any TV package when joining online. You also get free installation together with a free Sky Plus Box, free weekend and evening telephone calls and up to 20MB broadband.
more info
High Definition Bundles30% off HD Sports, HD Movies, 3D and Broadband
Get all Sky channels including all Sports and Movies in Glorious HD. You'll also get unlimited broadband and Sky Talk Weekends at 30% off for a limited time.
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Each box comes with its own special remote control so you can record your favourite free satellite channels directly to your Sky plus box for viewing at a time that is convenient to yourself. Of course this does not connect with standard digital channels you make receive through freeview and freesat and is only specific to Sky channels. So what's on offer?

Sky plus box options include all types (see deals for a box) for new and existing customers and can include the advanced HD channels as well.

There are currently two types of boxes available from Sky - the standard Sky plus set top box and the more advance Sky plus HD box which can record HD channels but also provides more disc space so you can record more programmes.

Sky Plus Box Standard

This is the standard box that Sky provides you when you first take out this service and is provided for standard use but of course will not record HD channels (see information below). Here's what you can receive with the standard box :

  • A system that lets you pause and rewind live television programmes.
  • The hard disk allows you to record up to 185 hours (upgraded from 40 hours) of TV for later viewing.
  • Ability to "series link" programmes so they always automatically record the next time they're on in the series (good for soaps or weekly programmes).
  • Can record two programmes at the same time.
  • Can skip to a specific time period in the programme.
  • If you don't watch all the progamme the place where you stopped is automatically saved for the next time.

This standard digibox is almost a must have for any home and does away with standard video or dvd recording systems. You select your programme to record from the online television guide and can select a new recording up to one week in advance of it showing.

The cost of getting a new Sky box is normally free with free installation but check with Sky first just in case. Current offer: You can get a free Sky+ box with free standard installation if you join Sky with Sky sports, Sky movies or broadband with calls and if you join online you'll also receive a £25 Marks and Spencers voucher.

Sky Plus HD Box

Although the Sky plus HD box does everything that the standard digibox does you do get more to make the most of your high definition television experience.

The standard HD box allows to you record around 60 hours of high definition television but if this isn't enough you can upgrade to the 1tb box which allows up to 240 hours of HD recording plus 100 hours of on demand HD content.

The pricing of the 1tb box is £249 and the standard HD box is free if you stay with Sky for a year and both are able to receive and record 3d television when it arrives.

About Sky TV

Sky television have been around for decades now and most people join them for their extensive coverage of the Barclays Premier League for the football. They also have a great line up of many of the latest movies and have recently moved into providing many HD channels.

The Sky set up includes hundreds of channels that you can't get as free to air from Freesat or Freeview and although others such as Virgin and BT offer some Sky Sports channels the overall package costs are generally cheaper with Sky themselves.

Other options you can get include the Sky plus service which allows you to pause and record live TV, multi room so you can watch all the TV channels in another room without having to get another satellite dish and free broadband and weekend and evening phone calls. It's best to check out the deals on offer to see which is best for you.

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